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  • The health care effect of ginkgo biloba extract

    Time: 2020-12-25 Source: Plant extraction Author: Grace Wang
    Ginkgo biloba is an ancient relic plant among existing seed plants. After the glaciers in the fourth century, it became a unique tree species in China and has been praised as"living fossil"in academic circles.

    At present, more than 160 effective medicinal ingredients can be extracted from Ginkgo biloba. The main active ingredients are ginkgolide and flavonol. Ginkgolide has anti-platelet activating factor effect and can improve blood circulation. Flavonol can dilate blood vessel, eliminate free radical, prevent arteriosclerosis.In addition,ginkgo biloba extract can also eliminate human free radicals,improve the body's own immunity,prevent aging spots, skin care, beauty, gloss skin, etc. Therefore,ginkgo development is popular in the world, widely used in food, health products, cosmetics and other fields. The following is the detailed introduction of ginkgo biloba extract efficacy.

    Promote blood circulation:

    Ginkgo improves the ability of blood circulation to the brain and extremities. Ginkgo protects arteries, veins and capillaries from damage and increases their strength and elasticity. In addition, ginkgo directly improves blood circulation by reducing the viscosity of platelets, a key factor in atherosclerosis, protecting red blood cells from damage and keeping them evenly distributed. This means delivering oxygen to the body's tissues more healthily and efficiently.

    Free radical scavenging:

    Ginkgo biloba is one of the herbs with the ability to resist active genes. Ginkgo biloba is very effective at protecting lipids, which are components of cell membranes, from free radicals.Given that brain cells contain high concentrations of unsaturated fatty acids in all cells, this strongly supports ginkgo's protective effect on the central nervous system.

    Free radicals in the brain and nervous system are widely believed to be the main cause of accelerated aging.Ginkgo plays multiple roles in protecting cells, especially brain cells. First, it promotes blood circulation and the transport of oxygen and glucose to cells; Second, when free radicals threaten cells, ginkgo protects cells from damage and removes free radicals from the body.

    Inhibition of platelet:

    Over the past five years, research on ginkgolide has led to a pharmaceutical breakthrough. Three ginkgolides(A,B,and C)have been shown to inhibit A mediator called platelet activating factor(PAF)in the body. PAF can lead to inflammation, shock, bronchial constriction, gastric ulcer, asthma, vasculitis and other diseases.

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